We already offer translations specialized in the field of cycling and responsible mobilities from and to French, English and German. Please contact us by email (header / footer) for further information.


Furthermore, our team disposes of the following key competences:

  • Sustainable mobility concept development: We can assist you to find integrated solutions to optimize the mobility in your personal life, around your event, in a specific area or for your organization.
  • Sustainable mobility policy consulting: with our background in social sciences, we can assist you to formulate your documents concerning responsible mobility policies.
  • Data analysis with R:
    • R- assisted GIS
    • Multivariate data analysis
    • Multiple regression models
    • Analysis of time series
    • Multi-level analysis
    • Panel modelling
    • Structural equation modelling
    • Text and data mining
    • Data visualization (charts, maps, wordclouds etc.)
  • Legal data policy consulting